• Customer Satisfaction

    Work with a consulting company that is customer focused!
    We make every attempt to completely understand
    the exact needs of our customers. This ensures that our
    customers ultimately get what they are looking for.
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  • Responsive software!

    Designed to run seamlessly on all popular devices
    Carry your business in your pocket.
    Monitor and track your business in real time on mobile interfaces.
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  • Maximize profits!
    Improve efficiency of your business processes!
    Specialized in providing end-to-end Application life cycle management services
    including Application Modernization,
    Application Migration, Application Optimization,
    Application Localization and Application Support
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Focus on Business

Xertab offers valuable business solutions and ecosystem of your business can only flourish when it is in balance. Unlock its full latent by working with Xertab IT consultants to line up your people, processes and systems. Xertab specializes in ERP System, Campus Management, GuardLog, CabFox, XHRMS that are uniquely fitted to your business and seamlessly integrate with your existing business operations.

Reliable Support

Xertab will give you support for scoping, defining requirements, development, deployment and support. We also help you and your business connect with customers, integrate with vendors and empower employees to work to their fullest potential. Whether you’re a chief executive officer, chief technology officer, business manager, web application developer, entrepreneur or software vendor, we can bring your vision to life.

Cost Effective Solutions

In addition to the cost-savings realized by offshore outsourcing, Xertab is able to provide greater cost-effectiveness. We are the sole owners of our outsourcing facilities and infrastructure, as a result we do not have many of the expenses associated with leasing space, hardware, etc. Because we have been in the industry for so long and expertise in several areas, we are able to take advantage of our own internal resources to provide you with greater cost savings.

Recent Works

This years Xertab has provided exceptional service and value in the design and development of several complex web-based software systems. The dedication and knowledge of their programming team has resulted in the successful launch, on time and on budget, of our systems.